Aircraft Power Tugs Improve Efficiency

Using maneuvrable power tugs that can move small aircraft and move it without strain will reduce the risk of injury to the pilot but also the hangar rash.

Tractive Power offers a wide selection of battery-powered tugs that have the capability of moving aeroplanes that weigh thousands of kilograms. Our range of tugs is also used in the manufacturing process of planes, moving trolleys into autoclaves for dorsal fin manufacturing plus thruster reconditioning and other trolley parts that engineers could be working on.

For example, the Tractive Pusher TP1000 has the capability of pulling loads up to 100,000kg.

Speak to the Experts

When it comes to selecting the right tug for your aeroplane, we would recommend having a chat with our team of specialist to discuss your specific needs first.

An electric tug exists to make an aircraft manufacturer’s life easier plus it can be adapted to specific environments. This includes specialist hangar environment.

Battery technology for tugs is improving all the time, which can be used in any weather conditions (if you have to move loads outside) and will always start as long as the battery is sufficiently charged.

Understanding Power Tugs Battery Life

An electric tug will, on average work for between five to seven years if properly maintained, but some have been known to last in excess of 11 years.

The majority of electric tugs are powered tow bars which can be attached to the nose wheel, with the wheel itself being the pivot point with tugs lifted or pulled sideways to avoid exceeding nosewheel turn limits.

If your aircraft has nosewheel turn limits, speak to us first as we can provide optional casters to ease moving the tug when making a turn.

Get in Touch for More Information

If you have any questions about pedestrian tug units from Tractive Power, please do not hesitate to contact us today.