Tractive Power supply new compact units to prestige automotive manufacturers

Tractive Power has recently supplied 3 more TP250 battery-powered pusher to make it a grand total of 9 machines to a well-known prestige car manufacturer.

Tractive Power was approached by the manufacturer as they were looking to invest and improve the manufacturing line by sourcing a better performing unit than there current model. Originally visiting with the standard TP250 proved the performance and ability of the Tractive Power tugs,  but space constraints and the requirement to ensure fitters had sufficient room for working drove a revamp to create the TP250 compact.

How is a Battery Powered Pusher Designed?

The compact unit was designed purposely for the application requirements and after listening to the brief, Tractive Power designed and manufacture the perfect battery powered pusher. Included were special non-marking tyres and a slow speed interlock to ensure the machine could only travel in low-speed mode when towing.

The TP250 compact is now used on multiple production lines within the facility to tow the special design trolley’s that the cars sit on prior to the final process of the wheels being fitted.

Even though the total weight can be up to 3000kg the Tractive Power battery-powered tug ensures a single user can move each car safely to the next build station.

The TP250 compact is now a standard product for Tractive Power and is utilised where moving wheeled loads in tighter more restricted spaces is an issue.

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