Benefits of a Load Mover from Tractive Power

If you need to tow products and materials through your business’ shop floor, you should consider investing in a load mover from Tractive Power.

Here are four advantages of using load movers

1. High Maneuverable – These trucks can manoeuvre into tight spaces which larger industrial vehicles won’t fit. Their narrow builds allow them to fit into small spaces with large loads plus they have tow capacities.

2. Increased Productivity – Load movers are small but strong, meaning they can tow heavy products throughout workspaces. They can also transport products more quickly than forklifts plus they can deliver goods with little or no damage because they are less likely to run into warehouse shelves or other equipment during outdoor or indoor tasks. With less chance of accidents, this will also lower your business’ maintenance costs.

3. Capability to Carry More than Products – If you and your colleagues are required to travel around a large warehouse or outdoor job site; you can use a load mover to speed up this process. It will save you the trouble of walking or driving a larger vehicle across a job site, where you could walk in front of dangerous machinery or damage the larger vehicle, which is more difficult to manoeuvre.

4. Environmentally Friendly – Tractive Power’s range of load movers are battery-powered, meaning they run on rechargeable batteries that do not give off fumes which benefits the environment. If you are working on an outdoor job site, you can use a burden carrier to offset or replace combustion engines or lift trucks.

The Capabilities of our Burden Carriers

A burden carrier utilises 48v and 6000w from a battery-powered unit, with huge weight capacities of 30,000kg which can be moved safely around shop floor areas. The unit is also limited to 6kph which enables safe transport speeds whilst not compromising your logistic goals.

Order Your Load Mover Today

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