The Best Uses of Powered Pushers in Hospitals

Hospitals have probably never been in greater focus than the past few weeks due to the Coronavirus pandemic. A spotlight has been shone on hospital efficiency and their abilities to handle the demand, but the need for efficiency has always been a priority for hospitals.

Tractive Power is firm believers in combining the latest technology with collaboration to create the best manual handling solutions. This includes working with industries such as aviation, retail, distribution and hospitality.

For our latest blog, we are going to look at how battery-powered pushers can be used effectively in hospital environments.

Powering the Efficiency of Hospitals

Hospital efficiency includes everything from financial matters, patient treatment, administrative and procedural time, logistical issues, hygiene plus staff capabilities, equipment and technological matters. With staff being stretched to new limits, the need for a streamlined system of transporting bedding and medication across sites has never been more important.

Increased Manoeuvrability with Tractive Pushers

The Tractive Pusher TP250 is the compact option available from Tractive Power that is used frequently in hospitals. Manufactured in stainless steel means it is very popular in the food and pharmaceutical industry too.

Equipped with a moving tiller handle this allows it greater manoeuvrability and the ability to manoeuver tighter turning circles. This type of battered powered tug is versatile, robust and compact plus it can adapt to most wheeled handling applications.

The TP250 has many uses, include moving all wheeled and semi-wheeled loads, stillages, trolleys, baggage trolleys, roll cages plus anything else that uses wheels.

Talk to Tractive Power About Powered Pushers

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