Improving Automotive Processes with Tractive Units

One of the world’s largest automotive manufacturing companies were looking to improve the change over times of dies in a moulding machine used to manufacture their dashboards.

The process needed to swap the manufacturing process from left-hand drive dashboards to right-hand drive dashboards. This exercise would take two hours with their existing method.

Integrating into Kaizen Process

As part of their Kaizen implementation, the company chose to work with Tractive Power tractive units to streamline its changeover process.

The Kaizen implementation refers to a continuous improvement model where processes are made to optimise working practices.

It was decided that having the mould tools on their own special trolleys would mean the dies could be manoeuvred into the machine quickly.

However, it would take multiple personnel to do this and the pushing and pulling was also a concern for health and safety.

TP250 Tractive Units – Just the Solution!

Tractive Power was contacted and the TP250 Compact Tractive Pusher was used to move the 2000kg trolleys. The new machine enabled a single user to change the die tool and with a change over time of just 15 minutes.

Since then this system has been implemented into their factories in different countries very successfully as a standard.

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