Electric Tug Power for Efficient Load Moving

The electric tug is a versatile load moving machine. Here at Tractive Power, we have developed a series of tugs to cover all the lifting and moving requirements within the modern manufacturing and logistics workplace.
Complying with Health and Safety laws is essential to the safety of the workforce, especially where heavy lifting and repetitive moving is concerned. The duty of care you show to your employees means providing them with the correct equipment of a high quality so that they can fulfil the requirements of the business safely. You can counteract and minimise the risks of musculoskeletal injuries from pushing and pulling. It makes financial sense too as the movement of goods or products becomes safer and more efficient, productivity improves.

Types of Electric Tug from Tractive Power

Looking for an electric tug? Tractive Power has the solution for numerous tasks and working environments.
Mini Electric Tug – When you have an area of restricted access, a small turning circle, or need a smaller lifting capacity (the TT range will move up to 2000kg at a time) this is the battery-powered tug for you.
Pedestrian Electric Tug – The TP range of electrically powered pusher gives a single operative the power to move loads of up to 50,000kg. Our models are adapted for use in the rail and automotive industries. If you require the movement of nested roll cages or even a pusher which is suitable for the food industry, this is the most adaptive electric tug we produce.
Sit-on Electric Tug – For the movement of multiple trolleys of goods, equipment or people around the enormous warehouses and order picking shop floors, you need a ride on the electric pusher. See the tug in action for yourself.

Choose Tractive Power for Your Electric Pushers

We are specialists in safe manual handling equipment with an unrivalled range to choose from. If you require a bespoke solution or would like to know more about our product range, please contact us.