How Electric Tugs Can Benefit The Changing Airline Industry

Air travel has slowed dramatically in the past few weeks, with many commercial airlines grounded due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Some key airport sectors affected including refuelling, cleaning, baggage transfer, departure gate services plus loading and unloading cargo. Having said this, the most affected have been airport retail.

Retail giant Amazon has started operating its own dedicated cargo aircraft, due to the heavy increase in online shoppers. Airlines are now using their available capacity to prioritise cargo flights of vital supplies of food, medicine and medical devices to help combat COVID-19. When these essential supplies arrive at their destination, they require manual handling equipment such as electric tugs to ensure they reach recipients as quickly as possible.

Experienced Electric Tugs from Tractive Power

Here at Tractive Power, we have spent many years developing material handling solutions that can safely and effectively move freight and passenger goods. We have supported air-transport clients to achieve the most efficient logistics in airports.

The Impact of COVID-19

In the immediate future, the logistics of airports will look very different in a post-COVID-19 world. There will be more emphasis on creating centralised and automated systems plus utilising existing technology to optimise their services.
With new health regulations like social distancing, meaning fewer workers can simultaneously occupy the same working spaces with turnaround times on deliveries expected to increase.

How Electric Tugs Can Help

Battery-powered tugs have not only been changing the retail and medical world, but industry statistics suggest automated guided vehicles are becoming more popular in aviation. Tractive Power expects the revolutionising of airport logistics will mean more use of automated solutions. This could also be the case for the retail industry, as e-commerce demand rises and warehouses need to ensure fulfilment of orders and acceptable delivery times.

While complying with public health regulations, Tractive Power is ready to support companies to increase their efficiency and productivity with our electric tow tugs. Whereas previously trolleys and carts had to be moved in pairs, this task can now be completed by one person.

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