Electric Tugs the Perfect Fit for Expanding Warehouses

The demand for electric tugs across the material handling industry will only increase as many warehouse operators plan to expand.
This is according to the 2024 Warehousing Vision Study which revealed that 87% of decision-makers are currently in the process of planning to increase the size of their warehouses in the next five years.

Electric Tugs Streamline Warehouse Operations

Electric tuggers from Tractive Power will play a vital part in expanding warehouses because of how they streamline factory procedures and help to maintain a good health and safety record.
The most popular models of electric tuggers we currently stock include –

Tractive Pusher TP250 Compact – Very popular in the rail industry as this unit can move 25,000kg or 5000kg on trolleys.
Tractive Pusher TP250 Compact Stainless Steel – Commonly used in the food and pharmaceutical industries, the stainless steel exterior allows for complete cleaning and compliance with strict hygiene standards.
Tractive Pusher TP250 Vehicle Mover – The most robust model of electric tug we offer at Tractive Power, the Vehicle Mover unit relocates vehicle parts from different build stations easily.
All of these models have a top speed of 6kph and a lifting power of 1000w on a compact footprint.

Worldwide Distributors of Electric Tugs

Tractive Power is the leading providers of electric tugs for not just the UK, but all over the world due to our extensive distribution network. This includes representatives in Australia, Ireland, Singapore, Switzerland, Turkey plus we have exciting plans to work with a distributor in Brazil soon!

All of the units we provide can be operated by a single user plus if you need a bespoke load moving application, we can work with you a tailored product design.
Book a free consultation with the Tractive Power team today and we can answer any questions you’ve got and share years of industry experience.