Enhancing Ergonomic Health With Battery-Powered Pushers

The ergonomic health of staff is a priority for businesses where manual handling is a day-to-day activity. These businesses focus on both efficiency and the need to prioritise the well-being of their workforce. Battery pushers transform manual handling and elevate the ergonomic health of employees.

Tackling the Challenge

The physical toll of manual handling tasks, particularly in industries dealing with heavy loads, is a well-recognised challenge. Tractive Power has innovative battery pushers, that aim to redefine how we approach material handling.

Top Features of Tractive Power’s Battery Pushers

Tractive Pusher TP250:


  • Capable of moving loads up to 2,500kg.
  • Compact design for easy manoeuvrability in confined spaces.
  • Prioritising Ergonomics: Reduces strain associated with manual handling.


Tractive Pusher TP500:


  • Built for heavy-duty applications, effortlessly handling weights exceeding 5,000kg.
  • Robust design ensures durability in demanding industrial environments.
  • Streamlined Operation: Can be operated by a single user, reducing the need for a large workforce.

Benefits for Ergonomic Health

Reduced Risk of Injuries:

Minimises the risk of injuries associated with manual handling by introducing automated assistance.


Single-User Operation:

User-friendly design allows for efficient operation by a single user. Reducing the need for an extensive team and labour costs.


Precise Control and Manoeuvrability:

Handheld controller offers operators precise control over the pusher’s movements. Ensuring tasks are executed with accuracy and minimising physical strain.


Improving Ergonomics in The Agriculture Industry

Tractive Power worked with an agricultural trailer manufacturer. Incorporating their battery-powered pushers onto the factory floor. This has enhanced production efficiency and safety. The manufacturing process involves the trailers moving through various stages, including welding, shot blasting, powder coating, and final fitting. The TP250 Tractive Pusher has replaced forklift trucks within the facility. With improved manoeuvrability and safety, one person can move the trailers between production lines. The Tractive Power electric tug has integrated itself as a vital component in the manufacturing workflow. Showcasing its effectiveness in streamlining operations.


Support Your Employees

Tractive Power’s commitment to ergonomic health shines through in its innovative battery pushers. The TP250 and TP500, are designed with precise control, and single-user operation at the forefront. As businesses focus on the well-being of their workforce, Tractive Power’s battery pushers are the ideal tool for efficiency. Fostering a healthier and safer workplace.

Embrace the future of material handling with Tractive Power’s battery pushers. Where efficiency meets ergonomics for a workplace that works smarter and feels better. Improve the ergonomic health of your industry, reach out via our contact form or call us at +44 (0)1538 360372.