How Electric Tugs Benefit Different UK Industries 

Electric tugs are quickly gaining popularity in various industries in the UK due to the numerous benefits they offer. Tractive Power’s range of battery-powered movers is designed to offer a safer, more efficient, and cost-effective alternative to traditional manual handling methods. Particularly when moving large and heavy loads, whether it’s on castors or on rails. 




The manufacturing industry relies heavily on the ability to efficiently and safely handle manual handling. Large, heavy loads are needed to be moved, which can more often than not prove dangerous. However, like any other business products need to be delivered in a timely manner to customers. 

Electric tugs can help manufacturers increase productivity by moving raw materials, finished goods, and equipment quickly and efficiently. Battery-powered tugs are easy to operate. Plus minimal training is required to be able to use a tug. 

With electric tugs, workers can move materials in a shorter time, which increases the overall production capacity of the manufacturing facility. This not only improves the bottom line but also reduces the risk of workplace injuries due to manual handling of heavy loads.


Warehousing and Logistics 


In this industry, time is of the essence. Efficiency of operations is crucial to meeting orders on time, and to the required quality levels. Time can be significantly reduced in moving goods from one place to another. They can also help in the efficient organisation of warehouses, making it easier for workers to find items and complete orders quickly.

Moreover, electric tugs can help reduce the need for manual handling, which can cause injuries and lead to lost productivity due to worker absences.




Electric tugs can help healthcare providers in the UK to increase their productivity by moving medical equipment and supplies more efficiently and more easily. For instance, moving heavy hospital beds, patient trolleys, and medication trolleys is made simple with electric tugs. 

As with many other industries, battery-powered tugs can help to save time and effort. Meaning those within the healthcare industry can focus on providing excellent levels of care for patients. Additionally, electric tugs can help reduce the risk of worker injuries and accidents, which can lead to lost productivity and increased healthcare costs.




The hospitality industry often requires the movement of heavy equipment, such as food trolleys and linen carts. Electric tugs can help improve productivity in the hospitality industry by making it easier to move these items from one location to another. 

Reducing the time it takes for employees to complete tasks can increase productivity for restaurants, food warehouses, supermarkets and fast food outlets. 




Battery-powered and chargeable pushers can support retailers across the UK in moving goods from the stockroom to the shop floors. This helps reduce the time it takes to restock shelves and ensure that products are always available for customers to purchase.

Electric tugs can also help reduce the need for manual handling, which can lead to worker injuries and lost productivity. By using electric tugs, retailers can improve their bottom line and provide better customer service.


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Electric tugs offer a wide range of benefits for a whole variety of UK industries. Most notably, our pushers help to reduce the time it takes to move goods and equipment from one place to another. Whilst also removing the need for manual handling, which can often result in worker injuries and in turn absences. 

Many industries would benefit from investing in Tractive Power electric tugs to increase their bottom line. As well as providing a healthier and safer workplace for employees, and a better customer service experience for customers. 

We offer a free consultation to all new customers, during which we can discuss your exacting business needs. Our team can offer their advice and expertise to suggest the right electric tugs for your business. Please fill out our form online or call us on 01538 360372 for more information.