How Our Rail Pushers Support Railways Industry

Rail pushers from Tractive Power are the most effective handling solution for train manufacturers and locomotive service centres.

Our battery-operated electric tugs help to move heavy and awkward loads in busy production areas. This reduces the risk to employees, lowers the number of dangerous emissions and improves flexibility.

Our bogie pusher range, which can move a maximum capacity of 400,000kg (on rails), enables a pedestrian operator to easily push, pull and steer wheeled loads. Meanwhile, our Cable Drum moving system has the capability to move up to 5000kg as a one-man pedestrian operation.

An Efficient Alternative to Forklift Trucks

A reliance on forklift trucks or other engines in congested train manufacturing production lines and locomotive service centres can lead to an increased risk of accidents and high emissions. Alternatively, Tractive Power’s solutions offer improved working conditions plus all-round visibility and complete flexibility.

There are also the following benefits –

  • A safer working environment
  • Improved efficiency for manufacturers
  • Less downtime for manufacturers and service centres

Here are just some of the items we are helping train and tram manufacturers to move with our bogie pushers –

  • Bogies – A bogie is a chassis or framework which carries a wheelset and is attached to a vehicle#
  • Wagons – Unpowered vehicles used for the transportation of goods
  • Carriages – Fairly self-explanatory, carriages are the main part of the train used to carry passengers
  • Locomotives – Locomotives are a rail transport vehicle that provides the motive power of a train
  • HVAC units – Providing heating, ventilation and air conditioning for train crews and passengers
  • Transformers – Transformers can be fitted in a locomotive to feed power to traction motors and other auxiliaries
  • Wheels – Train wheels can vary in weight depending on the size of the model, but can be up to 220kg per alloy.
  • Staging – Staging equipment ensures safe access for working at heights
  • Sleepers – Rail sleepers are rectangular support for rails on railroad tracks

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