Improving Productivity at Work with Electric Tugs 

At Tractive Power we design bespoke electric tugs for a range of businesses. We are a market-leading electric tow tug business that creates innovative designs that provide a wide variety of benefits to our customers. 

One of the many positive aspects of utilising battery-powered tugs in your business is how much electric tugs can improve the productivity of your workforce…


How do electric tugs improve productivity? 


There is a significance in the rate at which electric tugs improve productivity in workplaces. Not only in the amount at which productivity is important but also in the variety of ways…

Improving the health and safety of employees 

Our products provide a way of moving extremely heavy loads with ease. As they are single operators, employees can move loads on their own by simply using an electric pusher. Tractive Power machines mean your employees will no longer need to strain themselves lifting, pushing or pulling large loads. 

As a result, the number of musculoskeletal injuries in the workplace will be reduced. Which in turn means that fewer days will be taken for sickness leave. Meaning you have a more efficient workforce overall. 

Improving efficiency 

Improving the productivity of your employees is also made possible by electric tugs by making jobs more efficient to complete. By using smaller pushers and pullers, machines are able to easily move through tight spaces. Battery-powered tugs have the ability to manoeuvre through tight spaces without the need for forklifts and other transportation vehicles. 

Single user operation 

Improved productivity is also possible due to the electric tugs being single-user operational. Meaning that only one member of staff can move loads up to 50 tonnes. Whereas prior to this multiple employees would be needed to maneuver such heavy loads. Thanks to the machines being single users, it frees up staff for tasks elsewhere. Thus improving efficiency and productivity. 


Regular servicing ensures maximum productivity


In order to ensure maximum productivity by utilising electric tugs, it’s important that they are regularly serviced. Tractive Power offers servicing options for all battery-powered movers and pushers. 

As with any equipment, wear and tear are inevitable over a long period of time and with shared handling equipment, accidental damage can often go unreported.

In order to combat this, and spot any problems early, our scheduled maintenance program is designed with preventative maintenance incorporated. That way, we can guarantee you the maximum uptime possible. Our national service engineers also strive for a 100% first-time fix by carrying parts in their vehicles.


Bespoke Tugs 


You can browse our range of electric tugs that are available for purchase via our website. However, some industries and businesses require a more bespoke and unique option which meets the needs of their operations and logistics. If this is the case, then we can help. 

Thanks to our experienced in-house design team, we are able to offer a bespoke service where we can develop a tractive unit customised to meet your requirements. Thanks to a strong history of innovating products for such a wide breadth of industries, our team is well-equipped for any challenge.


Contact Us 


We offer a free consultation to all new customers, during which we can discuss your exacting business needs. Our team can offer their advice and expertise to suggest the right electric tugs for your business. Please fill out our form online or call us on 01538 360372 for more information.