Is Servicing Available With a Tractive Power Tugger?

Here at Tractive Power, we supply solutions to manual handling and health and safety issues within the workplace. As a result, health and safety is at the heart of everything we do. Thanks to our extensive experience with a vast array of clients, we understand the importance that servicing and maintenance hold in the minds of those investing in our products. As a result, we thought that we would explore our power tugger servicing programme in our latest blog.

Are Tractive Power Tuggers Serviced Regularly?

As pieces of manual handling equipment, it’s imperative that your Tractive Power tugger receives the regular maintenance and servicing required. Not only will this ensure that you get the most out of it, but it will also ensure that they are consistently safe to use. We’re fully aware and respectful of the fact that for a lot of our clients, time is money and so we make it our aim to grant the maximum uptime from our products.

The key to this is preventative maintenance which is built into the scheduled maintenance programme set up during your consultation. As with any product, wear and tear is inevitable over time and shared handling equipment can often be subjected to accidental damage which can go unreported. What’s important to remember is that with high technology vehicles like this, that damage may not always be visible. However, an in-depth inspection can help to identify anything untoward.

Fast Repairs to Ensure Minimum Downtime

When repairs are necessary to our units, our national service engineers consistently strive for a first time fix in order to keep your Tractive unit in constant service. In order to achieve this, our engineers carry most of the parts that are usually needed on their vehicles.

Expert Led Training For All Staff

The other thing that can contribute to the safety and efficiency of your power tugger is how it’s used. In order to ensure that it’s used correctly, full operating training can be provided to all potential users of the units. Unlike a forklift or similar handling equipment, it’s not necessary to have a license in order to operate our units. However, in order to ensure that your employees are still safe, we recommend that you take part in the training offered.

As we work so hard to make sure that our Tractive power tuggers stand the test of time, we also understand that there may be some staff turnover during their tenure. As a result, we offer refresher training to ensure that all employees that are designated users are competent operators with good knowledge of the product.

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