Moving Solutions for the Aerospace Industry

Tractive Power’s range of electric tugs is an essential tool for manufacturers in the aerospace industry for moving valuable components and improving efficiency.
We have worked with UTC Aerospace Systems (now part of Collins Aerospace) over recent years, even developing a bespoke skate system that frames can be mounted on.

The issue for employees was that engaging the castors became a finger trap with the large powerful springs potentially causing injuries during this process. There was also the possibility that once on the wheels the frame is really hard to move and would require a number of workers to do this.

Our team of specialists have also developed a new handling system for safely moving aero engines, with the separate skates designed to drop the trolleys onto outside the factory. Once the trolley is on the skates, the trolley is towed by the Tractive Unit to the work area.

Lean Processes Help Business Adopt Best Practices

Load-moving tugs offer aerospace manufacturers a solution that achieves a fluid assembly line process for high-value production environments. Electric tugs are typically used to move trolleys, even several at once when linked up plus they create smoother production flows.
A tug at either end of a longer load makes it easy to be moved in both straight lines and sideways. You can rotate it on its axis to avoid obstacles which include fixed machinery, doorways and tight corners.

Here are a handful of ways our battery-powered tugs help aerospace manufacturers –

• Moving aerostructures
• Kitting trolleys
• Tooling

Improve Safety with Electric Tugs

Safety is one of the main advantages of using electric tugs, as this frees up highly-skilled workers to do other tasks in your workshop. Manually manoeuvring expensive parts puts your employees at risk and increases the likelihood of costly accidents.

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