Everything You Need to Know About Roll Cages

As the leading supplier of roll cage tugs, Tractive Power knows the importance of roll cages across a range of industries.

Here we will share our knowledge of roll cages and also explain how our TP500 TET Pusher can support your business.

Roll Cages Explained

Manually propelled roll cages are basically a cage mounted on wheels that are used to transport goods in factories, warehouses and retail stores. Roll cages are available in different forms but all models comprise a cage mounted on four wheels. The height of roll cages varies from 1550mm up to 1830mm, with fully loaded cages weighing up to 500kg or more with wheel sizes of either 100mm and 125mm diameter.

The movement and loading of these pieces of equipment can result in injuries if they are manually handled by staff instead of a powered pusher. Industry statistics suggest that companies that use roll cages frequently have logged up to a third of their accidents as roll cage related. Injuries could be from –

  • Pushing or pulling up slopes
  • Trying to prevent roll cages overbalancing
  • Repetitive loading and unloading
  • Trapping hands and feet
  • Roll cages falling off lorries during loading/unloading

The Design of Roll Cages

The construction and design of roll cages are important with the frame needing to be robust and rigid with shelf arrangements designed for long-term use. Larger diameter wheels will reduce pushing/pulling forces with castors fitted close to corners to improve stability. Handles will be added at a height of roughly 1000mm to move fingers away from corners of the cages.

Roll Cage Tug Solutions from Tractive Power

The TP500 Tractive TET pusher is a battery-operated roll cage tug, with the capability of pushing up to 250 nested roll cages at one time. Designed to take the heavy manual handling process away from moving roll cages, this powered pusher will improve your productivity. The operation only requires two users; one driving and the other steering at the opposite end or a single user operation that uses the remote control.

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