How Powered Tuggers Benefit Cylinder Transportation

One of the best ways healthcare workers and manufacturers can improve their health safety is with the use of battery-powered pushers instead of using dollies or forklifts.

Medical workers suffer injuries from lifting the same as manufacturing or other labour-intensive industries.

How Musculoskeletal Injuries Happen

Surprisingly, the number of musculoskeletal injuries that come from overexertion in healthcare occupations is quite high, according to industry statistics.

Nursing assistants can rank second next to labourers and material movers for the number of musculoskeletal disorders. To reduce this number of potential injuries, the medical industry needs to adopt more material-handling systems that are similar to those found in warehouses, on construction sites and on plant floors.

Battery power tuggers are designed to help medical workers safely life and transport cylinders of medical gases such as oxygen.

Typically workers must manually move cylinders onto a dolly, or in some cases, they will roll or shimmy the cylinders into the intended location.

Powered Tuggers Built for Safety

Pedestrian tug units from Tractive Power include an emergency reverse button so that workers can push the equipment forward if they cannot control the equipment and could be at risk of being pinned against a wall.

Another important feature is the option to customise the carts to meet your bespoke requirements. This means you can select different gear sets or motor controller parameters.

Fumes and emissions in medical environments can cause discomfort or health risks to patients, but the fact our pedestrian tug units are battery-powered means they are no emissions coming from the units.

Talk to Tractive Power about Powered Tuggers

If you are looking for battery powered tuggers for a medical environment, get in touch with Tractive Power now.

We can offer bespoke material handling solutions that suit a number of working environments and help keep your workforce safe and efficient.