Tractive Power’s range of battery-powered electric tugs can be used in many different parts of the automotive industry and help make your processes more efficient.


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Tugs Designed for Manufacturers

The TBC30 burden carrier is a 30,000kg SWL powered flatbed trolley that is used by many manufacturers in the automotive sector to move to die tools. Removing any logistic issues getting a product from A to B that can negotiate tight spaces and go through doorways that cranes cannot.

Alternatively, the TP250 Vehicle Mover can be operated by a pedestrian and is battery powered and designed to push, pull and manoeuvre wheeled loads. Primarily used in the automotive industry this is the most efficient way to move products from one build station to the next.

If you’d like to read about the TP250 vehicle mover in action have a read of our Case Study working with a prestigious car manufacturer.
Car bodies are usually towed on trolleys from each work cell through to the end of production until the wheels are fitted and the car is ready to be driven off.

Our battered powered Tractive Tug TT50 is designed for lighter loads and ideal for restricted or confined spaces.

The TRO590 is a towing tractor that can tow loads of up 9000kg and can be used on sloped surfaces and different types of floors. This model will increase productivity in any factory or warehouse environment.

Safety Comes first with Tractive Power

All of our range of battery-powered tugs comes equipped with an anti-trap emergency reverse, a fail-safe electromagnet brake plus an emergency stop battery isolator making them extremely safe for users.

The World’s Leading Distributors Automotive Tugs

Here at Tractive Power, we provide battery-powered tugs for customers in the automotive right across the world. Our current distributor network includes offices in Australia, Ireland, Singapore, Switzerland, Turkey plus a new distributor on the way from the Samba shores of Brazil!

If you’d like to know more about our electric tugs and how they can be used in the automotive sector, please contact us today and speak to our team of specialists.