Tractive Power’s range of battery-powered tugs can be used in many different parts of the paper industry.

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High Capacity Electric Tugs

Because of their high capacity, our tugs are used to move trolleys of corrugated cardboard across workshop floors. Corrugated cardboard is primarily used for packaging goods and materials and because of its durability corrugated packaging is now extremely sought after for packaging companies.

The TP500 model is used for corrugated rollers plus moving large paper rolls across the factory floor. Our paper roll pusher provides the directional force with a steering mechanism and gives you precise control plus a clean and quiet, static-free operation. Our ergonomically designed pushers help to prevent the strains and pains that are associated with manual pushing and pulling of heavy equipment plus they minimise the risk of injuries for your workers.

Forklift trucks can be used to transport carts and equipment short distances but require more storage space and cost significantly more than electric tuggers from Tractive Power.

The Tractive Tug TT50 and TT100 are both designed for lighter loads but maintaining a robust design making them ideal for moving coating machines from the process line for maintenance.

Giving your coating machines regular maintenance helps to keep them running smoothly and improves their lifespan. Common issues they can encounter without regular check-ups include:

• Dried Emulsion that causes lines and streaking
• Poor edge quality that leaves vertical lines up the screen and shows up in print
• Spills that result in emulsion getting into carriage mechanics and affect performance
• If you don’t regularly grease parts the carriage will begin to ‘chatter’ as it travels upward and leaves horizontal lines
• Air leaks can affect the precision of the emulsion application and can come from the cylinders, flow valves on the cylinders or quick-connect fittings anywhere on the machine

Providers of Electric Tugs Worldwide

Tractive Power has the capability to provide electric tugs for customers in the paper industry all over the world. Our Sale distributor network has recently expanded with offices in Australia, Brazil, Ireland, Singapore, Switzerland and Turkey.

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