Our electric tugs work in many parts of the construction manufacturing industry. Moving textile rolls on A-frame trolleys is a very popular application along with moving coating machines for wash down and maintenance.


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Safety First with Tractive Power

Tractive Power’s TP250 Tractive Pusher will safely move A-Frame trolley’s with rolls of fabric – with a load capacity of up to 3000kg!

We also offer the following products used in the Textiles industry –

Tractive Tug TT50 – This robust design is ideal for lighter loads in restricted or confined areas, with a maximum load of 1000kg.

Tractive Tug TT100 – Similar to the TT50 model, this battered powered tug can carry up to 2000kg.

All of our products are regularly serviced to ensure the braking and steering systems are of the highest standard. This is especially important when moving A-Frame trolleys with high weight loads.

Read our blog with safety tips when using fabric coating machinery.

Worldwide Distributors of Textile Electric Tugs

Tractive Power is a worldwide distributor of electric tugs used in a variety of industries including textiles. We have Sales representatives in Australia, Brazil, Ireland, Singapore, Switzerland, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

Talk to Tractive Power about Electric Tugs

Our machines are available with a range of connections to attach to your load as required. If you’re not sure what you may need for your application, then don’t hesitate to contact us for advice.