Safe and Efficient Aerospace Logistics

The aerospace industry is always in pursuit of safer and more efficient ways of handling materials. This has been a driving force behind innovation. Tractive Power offers aerospace logistics solutions that not only enhance safety but also increase efficiency in operations.

Industry Challenges

In the aerospace industry, moving equipment and parts poses significant challenges. The scale and weight of aerospace components, such as engines or wings, require specialised handling solutions. Manoeuvring these sizeable and often delicate parts can be a struggle. Especially within confined spaces or through pedestrian areas raises safety concerns. Traditional methods, like using large forklift trucks present safety hazards in crowded environments. It also poses risks to both personnel and valuable aerospace components. There is a need to minimise manual handling. While still ensuring precision in movement. Prioritising safety amidst complex logistical operations remains a challenge in the aerospace sector.

Aerospace Engine Skates

In 2013, collaborating with UTC, Tractive Power took on the task of revolutionising the movement of aerospace engines. The challenge was clear: remove the need for colossal forklift trucks manoeuvring in pedestrian areas. While also ensuring the safety of employees. The result? A bespoke skate system designed and manufactured by Tractive Power. Providing a safe and efficient means to transport engines from the factory entrance to designated work areas. The engines are mounted onto these custom-made skates outside the production zone. Our Tractive units expertly tow them to their respective workstations. Ensuring both safety and precision.

Aerospace Autoclaves

The growth in the UK aerospace industry prompted the deployment of our electric tugs. Used for aerospace logistics. These electric units seamlessly transport trolleys carrying dorsal fins or wings. positioning them precisely at the autoclave’s entrance. To further optimise operations, the parts are smoothly manoeuvred using a dedicated roller frame. These rollers perfectly align with the autoclave’s internal track. This process reduces manual handling. Transforming what used to be a multi-personnel operation into a single-user task. Boosting both efficiency and safety protocols.

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Tractive Power’s dedication to safety, precision, and efficiency shines through its tailored solutions. From aerospace engine movement to autoclave logistics. Our electric tugs and bespoke systems are reshaping aviation material handling. Ensuring a safer and more streamlined operation for the future of aviation logistics.

We have solutions to create a safer and more efficient work environment for employees. By reducing injury risks while streamlining operations and enhancing workplace safety. To learn how Tractive Power can integrate into your business, reach out to us via our contact form or call us at +44 (0) 1538 360372