The Significance of Safe Manual Handling in the Textiles Industry: How Electric Tugs Can Mitigate Risks

In the busy environment of a textile manufacturing business, the efficient movement of heavy machinery and materials is vital to keep operations running smoothly. Manufacturers are constantly faced with the challenges of transporting machinery such as fabric coating machines. 


Plus they must consider tasks such as conducting washdowns, and performing essential maintenance tasks. 


Amongst these daily tasks, employers must also consider the health and safety of their employees with the utmost importance. Reducing the risk or injury to workers should always take centre stage. 


Battery-powered Tugs 


This is where battery-powered tugs from Tractive Power come into play. Our electric tugs and pushers have revolutionised the textile industry. As their versatile applications and safety features make moving large, heavy loads easy and by a singular person. 


Safe Handling of Fabric Coating Machines


Fabric coating machines are indispensable in the textile industry. They add coating to fabrics which enhance their durability, aesthetics, and surface properties. While absolutely necessary in the industry, they can pose significant risks if not handled properly. 


Here are some crucial tips to remember when using battery-powered tugs for moving fabric coating machines:


Regular Brake System Checks:

The braking system of the tugs must be checked regularly to ensure it operates efficiently. A well-maintained brake system is essential to prevent accidents and mishaps during machine transportation. At Tractive Power, we offer servicing for all of our tugs and pushers. This ensures that they are performing properly and as intended. 


Guarding Hot Parts:

Fabric coating machines often involve hot components like pipes. To prevent accidental burns, it’s essential to ensure that all hot parts are adequately guarded and insulated. This is especially important to remember when using tugs ti manourve the machines. As these hot components could potentially come into contact with other objects and even workers. 


Proper Anchoring:

When in use, the fabric coating machine must be securely fixed to the floor. This prevents any unintended movement or instability during the coating process. This guarantees the safety of workers and the quality of the coated materials. However, when moving these loads, we have options for electric tugs for large loads on both castors and on rails. Meaning you can choose the best option for your machinery. 


Safety During Maintenance:

Temporary guards and safe systems of work should be implemented when performing tasks such as blade sharpening or wire dressing on the fabric coating machine. This precautionary measure ensures that maintenance tasks are carried out without compromising safety. 


Dust Removal:

Fabric coating processes generate dust. Safe cleaning methods should be practiced to remove any dust particles, minimising the risk of respiratory issues and maintaining a clean working environment. This is also important to consider when using electric tugs, ensuring that dust isn’t transferred onto the pusher and potentially affects its performance. 


Efficient Movement of A-Frames with Battery-Powered Tugs


One remarkable application of Tractive Power’s battery-powered tugs is the safe movement of A-Frame trolleys loaded with rolls of fabric. The TP250 Tractive Pusher, with a load capacity of up to 3000 kg, empowers textile manufacturers. It enables single operators to move heavy A-frames effortlessly. 


But what sets our electric tugs apart from our competitors is our commitment to regular servicing. As with this option, we ensure our braking and steering systems are always in optimal condition. This is particularly crucial when moving A-Frame trolleys carrying substantial weight loads.


Mitigating Manual Handling Risks with Electric Tugs


In the textile industry, where heavy machinery and materials are part and parcel of daily operations, safety is paramount. Employers who choose to incorporate tugs and pushers into their operations are working to significantly reduce manual handling risks. Our tugs are not only designed for ease of use, but are also tailored to enhance safety. Therefore reducing the exposure to potential risk for your employees. 


Manual handling injuries, including strains, sprains, and even more severe accidents, are unfortunately all too common in the textile industry. Especially when moving large heavy loads is a common daily task. However, by introducing electric tugs into the equation, these risks can be significantly minimised.


Electric tugs, like those offered by Tractive Power, are designed to bear the brunt of the physical labour. Meaning workers can focus on the essential aspects of their jobs rather than the physical strain of moving heavy loads. This not only contributes to a safer working environment but also enhances overall productivity.


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Safe manual handling in the textile industry is of paramount importance. Accidents and injuries not only harm workers but also disrupt production and can have significant financial repercussions. Tractive Power’s battery-powered tugs offer a powerful solution to mitigate these risks. By providing a safer, more efficient, and less physically demanding means of handling heavy loads. Our tugs not only protect the well-being of workers but also contribute to the overall success and sustainability of textile manufacturing operations.

We offer a free consultation to all new customers, during which we can discuss your exacting business needs. Our team can offer their advice and expertise to suggest the right electric tugs for your business. Please fill out our form online or call us on 01538 360372 for more information.