Think of the Environment with Electric Tuggers

Electric tuggers from Tractive Power are the modern alternative to forklift trucks with plenty of environmental benefits.
More businesses are setting out plans to be more environmentally conscious with manual material handling a big part of it.

Replacing Forklifts with Electric Tuggers

While companies will still require forklifts for moving objects to high-level shelving, battery operated tugs are more productive, cost-efficient and safer in the workplace.
A forklift can carry one or two loads at one time whereas tow tractors can pull multiple loads at the same time.
Electric tuggers are also ergonomic allowing one person to tug up to 50,000kg without strain or risk of musculoskeletal injuries. With less strain put on their bodies, workers are more productive and not as fatigued, plus your team can be more flexible with regards to who moves the loads.

Tractive Power offers the TP500HD Tractive pusher which is commonly used in the railway industry due to the heavy wheelsets and equipment that needs moving.
The fact anyone with basic training can operate electric tuggers makes them a smarter choice of manual material handling as anyone who uses a forklift truck will require specialist training that will need to be paid for by your company.

Product damage is greatly reduced using battery powered tugs as the load will be kept on a flat surface too.
Electric tugs don’t tip over and can manoeuvre around tight and awkward corners which mean they are used a lot in smaller as well as bigger factory spaces.

Tractive Power Provide Load Moving Solutions

For over 10 years Tractive Power has been providing load moving solutions for a wide range of industries including aerospace, automotive, construction, food, paper, railway and textiles.
If you would like to know more about our range of electric tuggers please get in touch today for a free consultation.