Tractive Power develop new way of moving Aero Engines

Tractive Power Ltd has developed a new handling system for safely moving Aero Engines within the aerospace industry.

Traditionally the Aerospace Industry use standard engine frame trolleys to transport aero engines in and out of their factories for maintenance. The engine frames already have castor wheels that are sprung loaded and can retract so the frame sits on the floor or be engaged to allow the frame to roll.

Issues For Aero Engines

The biggest issue for employees is engaging the castors which became a finger trap, and the large powerful springs can cause injury to employees during this process. Not only this but once on the wheels the frame is extremely difficult to move and multiple personnel are often required to do this.

One way to avoid this was to use a 15-tonne forklift truck, which would bring the frames from the lorries outside into the production area. This again was something else that the Aerospace Industry wanted to eliminate.

Manufacturing a Safe System for Aero Engines

Tractive Power designed and manufactured a safe working system. Separate skates have been designed to drop the trolleys onto outside the factory. When the trolley is on the skates the trolley is towed by the Tractive Unit to the work area. Special engine stands for the frames were also designed to sit the frames on during the maintenance so the skates could still be used around the factory.

Tractive Power then implemented a process to get the frames off and on the stands without the use of a forklift truck by means of using hydraulic jacks.

This system now means that Aero Engines can be moved safely with one man and one Tractive Power unit and at the same time remove the large and cumbersome forklift truck from pedestrian areas.

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