Battery Powered Pusher

A battery powered pusher is a vital machine in environments where large, bulky and heavy loads need moving safely and efficiently. Tractive power supply battery powered pushers for a variety of industrial and commercial sectors. Each machine is adapted to its specific role.

Use a Battery Powered Pusher to Reduce Injury Risks

We are familiar with the need to be careful when lifting heavy loads. There are linked health and safety requirements when at work. Nowadays it is recognised that pushing and pulling loads can lead to musculoskeletal problems. This is particularly true when pushing is a repetitive part of a job. Tractive Power has a range of battery powered pushers which enable a single operative to safely move and manoeuvre heavy or multiple loads.

Moving bus chassis

Moving bus chassis in production.

The TP500 Models can move up to 12000kg by utilising 1200w of motor power.

The TP250 Models may be the little brother of the TP500 but they pack a big punch with the capability to move up to 5000kg through 1000w of motor power. These compact models operate on a smaller footprint for working in areas with restricted access and tight turning circles.

Where you have to move heavy wheeled and semi wheeled objects you need a battery powered pusher. Make light work of moving trolleys and roll cages in retail, baggage trolleys in an airport, railed bogies for transportation or paper rolls in factories.

Battery Powered Pusher


If your business is food or pharmaceutical based there are stainless steel clad battery powered pushers to comply with the hygiene requirements of these industries.

See the battery powered pusher range from Tractive Power.

For very heavy lifting power see our load mover.

Choose Tractive Power for Battery Powered Pushers

Tractive Power has a wealth of experience in providing battery powered pusher units across many industry sectors. To find the right model for your business please browse our products and if you have any questions please contact us.