Tractive Unit

A tractive unit assists with the lifting and moving of heavy and bulky loads usually found within a commercial or industrial workplace. There are many types of tractive unit available from Tractive Power.

Battery powered tugs

Tractive Power’s electric tugs move up to 50000kg on rails

The Benefits of Using a Tractive Unit

A tractive unit addresses manual handling issues. When you have to move heavy products, machines or deliveries a tractive unit is an essential piece of equipment which enables your business or organisation to comply with health and safety regulations. Keeping your staff safe from the risk of injuries associated with pushing, pulling and lifting.

There are no emissions. Our electric powered pedestrian pushers do not use motors and engines which burn diesel or oil. The battery provides an efficient, reliable and clean source of power for the pusher.

Tractive Power can streamline production. Our battery powered tractive units can be used by an individual operative which improves the efficiency of your processes.

You can increase productivity. We understand the importance of keeping your schedule on time. Letting the battery powered pusher take the strain will enable your team to focus on their schedule. Our units are highly manoeuvrable making working in areas of restricted access much easier.

Choose Tractive Power for Your Tractive Unit

Tractive units are highly adaptive. They are available with different power capacities, footprints, and fittings depending on the type of job they are being used for. We provide electric powered vehicles for all industry sectors.

If you need bespoke equipment, or would like to know more about our products, please contact us.