Tractive Power make “Lite” work for Steelite International

Steelite International a world-leading manufacturer of chinaware, has just improved its health and safety with the help of Tractive Power Ltd, an innovative materials handling company.

Steelite, who manufacturer award-winning chinaware and supply to over 120 countries has been experiencing rapid business growth over the last few years.  This growth has been achieved by its success in exports especially to the USA and Australia and this success has led to Steelite heavily investing in the improvement of production and health and safety at its factory in Stoke-On-Trent, Staffordshire.

David Davis the Kiln Manager at Steelite noticed a manual handling issue in the manoeuvring of the kiln carts.  Two men would move the carts in and out of the kilns which required care and precision as the loads are extremely fragile. This made the operation a difficult task.  To help with this manual handling problem Tractive Power Ltd visited the factory to help find a solution.
After an initial analysis of the application, Tractive Power was able to propose a working system that provided a smooth, precise single user operation using the TP250 Tractive unit. The pedestrian tug units are battery-powered, pedestrian operated and designed to address manual handling issues such as pulling, pushing and manoeuvring of awkward or heavy wheeled loads in the workplace.
Tractive Power designed a bespoke coupling to attach to the kiln cart which allowed the kiln cart to be moved in a safe and secure manner with their electric tug.
David Davis commented “The TP250 Tractive unit” has helped stabilise the kiln cartload which now only takes one man to easily manoeuvre the loads safely into the kilns.  It was the precision and control that really surprised us. Tractive Power programmed the battery-powered pusher to a perfect speed for our application and was also able to change the acceleration and braking to ensure all aspects of the operation were gradual. Despite the Tractive unit being extremely powerful, the controllability was second to none. The operatives have noticed a vast improvement in the manual handling of the karts and we are very satisfied with the machine and how Tractive Power responded to our query.”