Tractive Power’s Impact in Brazil

Brazil has the third-best advanced industrial sector in The Americas. Tractive Power has taken its electric tugs to Brazil to help streamline operations. They find a dedicated partner in Fornecedora Industrial Ltda. Situated in São Paulo, Fornecedora Industrial stands as a reliable supplier of Tractive Power’s solutions.

About Fornecedora Industrial Ltda

Fornecedora Industrial Ltda has positioned itself as a leader in the Brazilian market. Offering comprehensive solutions in compressed air distribution, assembly line equipment, and automotive repair. Their commitment to quality has made them a go-to supplier for businesses. Perfect for businesses seeking reliable tools and equipment to enhance their operations.

Tractive Power’s Tugs in Brazil

The collaboration with Fornecedora Industrial marks a significant advancement in material and manual handling. Tractive Power has applied its electric tugs in various industries in Brazil.

  1. Automotive Repair:

In the automotive repair sector precision and efficiency are paramount. Tractive Power’s tugs, supplied by Fornecedora Industrial, offer a versatile solution. From moving heavy parts to efficiently navigating tight spaces. These tugs optimise workflow and contribute to a safer repair process.

  1. Compressed Air Distribution:

Industries rely on compressed air distribution. Manufacturing and production facilities need Tractive Power’s tugs. Provided by Fornecedora Industrial plays a crucial role. The adaptability and precision of these tugs ensure the seamless movement of materials. They reduce manual handling and enhance efficiency in compressed air-related processes.

  1. Assembly Line Equipment:

Efficiency on the assembly line is a key driver for productivity. Tugs offer a solution that streamlines the movement of components and equipment. Contributing to a more efficient assembly line process. The versatility of these tugs makes them indispensable in dynamic manufacturing environments.

The Impact Across Industries

The collaboration between Tractive Power and Fornecedora Industrial impacts an array of industries. From automotive and manufacturing to compressed air distribution. By providing reliable, electric-powered tugs, Fornecedora Industrial contributes to optimising material handling processes. Reducing manual labour, and improving safety standards.

Tractive Power’s tugs are available through the esteemed partnership with Fornecedora Industrial Ltda. bring a new dimension to material handling in Brazil. Industries seek efficient, reliable, and versatile solutions. The collaboration between Tractive Power and Fornecedora Industrial continues to make a positive impact. Offering innovative tools that redefine the standards of material handling. To contact Fornecedora Industrial Ltda  e-mail: Cep: 05451-060 Tel : 55 11 3026-4200