Your Guide to Electric Tugs for the Textiles Industry

Electric tug provided by Tractive Power is the most popular option for moving textile fabric coating machines which require cleaning and regular maintenance.
Our range of tugs will reduce the workload on your team, making moving such heavy machinery a one-person job.

Safety is the Priority

Here at Tractive Power, we are committed to the safety of our customers, which is one of the reasons we supply the highest quality of electric tug.
Fabric coating machinery can be extremely dangerous to use, so we’d recommend following these safety tips when using –

  • Make sure the unit is anchored to the floor
  • Check your brake systems on a regular basis
  • Use temporary guards and safe systems where blade sharpening or wire dressing take place
  • Use dry cleaning machines and tumble dryers to remove any build-ups of dust
  • Implement an emergency procedure to deal with spillages of dry-cleaning solvent
  • Appoint specific staff to carry out sharpening work on cropping and cutting machines
  • If staff need to climb on the equipment to adjust, feed material or check controls make sure they use ladders or steps correctly

Best Uses of an Electric Tug in Textiles

Tractive Power offers three different products regularly used in the textiles industry –
Moving A-Frames – Our TP250 Tractive Pusher is great for moving A-frames trolleys with rolls of fabric.
Tractive Tug TT50 – This robust design is ideal for lighter loads in restricted or confined areas, with a maximum load of 1000kg.
Tractive Tug TT100 – Similar to the TT50 model, this battered powered tug can carry up to 2000kg.

Innovators for Electric Tugs

Tractive Power is the leading materials handling company specialising in electric tugs for industries such as textiles, aerospace, railways and construction.
With years of experience and the ability to customise tractive units to meet individual requirements, we stay ahead of the rest of the industry. We know shared handling equipment can also be subject to accidental damage, which is why we offer service programs on all our units including a repair service or regularly scheduled maintenance.
If you would like any advice or a free consultation about any of our products, please contact us today with your enquiry.