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About Us

Tractive Power Ltd is an innovative material handling company specialising in electrically controlled pedestrian tractive units.

Our electric vehicles are an excellent solution to manual handling and health and safety issues within the workplace. Battery-powered and designed to push, pull and manoeuvre loads of up to 50 tonnes our electric tugs ensure you have safe and efficient handling for your operators.

Electric Tug

Leading the Way in Battery Powered Pushers and Electric Tugs

Years of experience within the market together with utilising the latest design software and control systems enables us to offer you some of the most advanced, compact tractive units on the market.

Industries as diverse as rail, ceramics, warehousing and logistics, automotive, dairy and food production have all benefited by having equipment from Tractive Power. Streamlining the logistical aspect of their processes on the shop floor with leading-edge technology has made moving multiple and heavy loads efficient. Giving personnel the correct lifting tools to execute their tasks safely and on schedule has come from many years of experience and product development.

All of our Tractive Power range can be operated by a single user in a safe and efficient way eliminating the need for extra manpower. We strive to deliver the highest quality battery-powered pushers and electric tuggers combined with a market-leading service. When we deliver your tractive unit we will also provide hands-on training for your staff to ensure all users are fully competent.

Tractive Power also has a presence across four continents, with sales distributors based in Australia, Brazil, Ireland, Singapore, Switzerland and Turkey offering our tractive units to customers.

Contact Us for Further Advice and Tractive Units

If you feel that your application needs something more specific, we also specialise in unique product design which means that we can develop a tractive unit customised to meet your requirements.

We offer free consultation and advice. So if you have a load moving application that needs to be moved safely and efficiently, give Tractive Power a call and challenge us to provide the solution. Contact us today with your enquiry.