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Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Tractive Power, we often get asked questions about our battery-powered tugs so to help everyone out we have together some of our frequently asked questions.

What types of Bogie Pushers do you have?

Tractive Power offers many different types of bogie pusher. The TP500HD Tractive Pusher is pedestrian operated and battery-powered and is designed to push and pull train wheelsets and bogeys and will move up to 50,000kg. Whilst the TP3000 can move lines of carriages in train maintenance depots up to 400,000kg
The TP500HD, TP1000, TP2000 and TP3000 Rail Movers are used frequently within the railway industry and have the capability of moving up to 50,000kg, 100,000kg, 250,000kg and 400,000kg respectively.

What industries use your electric battery-powered tugs?

Our battery-powered tugs are used by a host of industries such as the automotive, aerospace, construction, food, logistics, paper, railway and textiles markets.
Electric tugs can also be used for the following applications –

• Moving heavy Agricultural products in manufacturing processes such as combine harvesters and crop sprayers.
• Moving waste and wheelie bins in maintained apartment sites
• Moving glass A-frames in double glazing manufacturing environments
• Use electric tugs to move luxury yachts on cradles during boat building construction

What’s the maximum load your electric tugs can handle?

This depends on your requirements as for example, our TP500HD Rail Mover can move up to 50,000kg on rails whereas the Tractive Pusher TP3000 can move up to 400,000kg, which is ideal for use in a host of industries such as the aerospace, automotive, agricultural, construction and railway markets. If you have specific requirements, please get in touch.

Do you offer a free consultation?

Tractive Power offers free consultation to all of our prospective customers about all of our products.

Is all of your design work done in-house?

Yes, Tractive Power has a team of a highly-skilled team that can design bespoke battery-powered tugs specific to our customers’ requirements.

Do you offer a maintenance and repair service for electric tugs?

Tractive Power offers a standard call and repair service plus we can implement scheduled visits for preventative maintenance and service interval points which helps you to gain the maximum uptime from your machine with uninterrupted operation.

Can electric tugs improve my company’s health and safety?

Our range of battery-powered tugs removes the manual strain of transporting goods and loads around factories and warehouses. Electric tugs keep the operator safe from lifting injuries with the machine enabling the movement of goods in an efficient manner and in turn, improving the health and safety of your team.

Will electric tugs improve the productivity of my workforce?

Electric tugs, as stated previously, increase the health and safety of your workforce by reducing musculoskeletal injuries. This, in turn, will increase the productivity of your team as fewer injuries will mean fewer days taken for sickness, making them a more efficient workforce.

Do you offer any training services?

Although our tractive units don’t require a license to operate, we would always recommend having full operator training on delivery. This is a service Tractive Power offers and ensures all of your employees that use our tractive units are competent operators with a good working knowledge of the product. If you have new members of staff or need a refresher, we can also offer further training.

Do you offer services outside of the UK?

Tractive Power works with a range of sale vendors all over the world, including distributors in Australia, Brazil, Ireland, Singapore, Switzerland and Turkey giving us a presence across four continents.

Where are you based?

Tractive Power is based in Cheddleton, Staffordshire but we work with a host of sales distributors all over the world including vendors in Australia, Brazil, Ireland, Singapore, Switzerland and Turkey meaning we have a presence on four continents.

Are electric tugs environmentally friendly?
Using a battered powered tug is a more environmentally friendly alternative to using a forklift truck when moving heavy loads. The chances of product damage are also significantly lowered using electric tuggers as the load will be kept on a flat surface.

Are electric tugs low maintenance?

When you purchase one of our battery-powered tugs we will offer you a scheduled maintenance program to ensure your product has maximum uptime. We understand equipment can be subjected to accidental damage, so having a periodical inspection can pick up potential issues that could occur over time.

Do I need a license to operate an electric tug?

You don’t need a formal license to operate our range of electric tugs but Tractive Power will offer sufficient training on delivery for all users.

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