Tractive Power Guides

When you need machines to assist with the lifting and moving of products and equipment on an industrial scale Tractive Power has the solution. Our machines can be used by a single operative meaning you can streamline production and increase productivity while addressing manual handling issues. Battery-powered tugs and pushers with no emissions make your process more environmentally friendly. Choose Tractive Power for safe manual handling:

Pedestrian Tug
A pedestrian tug is a battery-powered tractive unit which enables a single operative to lift and manoeuvre heavy loads. Raising a load too big or heavy for an individual can now be achieved with a single operative and the right equipment to push, pull and manoeuvre.

Electric Tug and Electric Tuggers
Another name for the pedestrian tug these run on battery power to lift and remove the manual strain from transporting goods and loads around a factory setting. They are a staple of distribution and logistics, also being used to unload deliveries to retailers.

Battery Powered Pusher
Where pushing and pulling power is needed these specialist units can move large numbers of trolleys and wheeled cages with ease. This reduces and often stops the risk of musculoskeletal disorders which could occur to your staff.

Powered Tug
There are two types of powered tug. The pedestrian tug enables an individual operative to move bulk loads within a relatively small area. If you need to transport heavy loads over long distances on your factory floor, or even require the movement of products, equipment and people, then a sit on unit is what you need. Sit on tractive units can tow trains of trolleys giving you efficient movement over a longer distance.

Load Mover
Load movers come in many types and models. All of Tractive Power’s load movers are designed to do a specific job and can be adapted to suit the differing demands across a variety of industry sectors including aerospace, automotive, construction, logistics, transport and food.

Rail Pusher

Tractive Power’s heavy-duty rail pushers are used for pushing or pulling railed bogies, carriages, power units and HVAC systems with different attachments available for a host of applications.

Bogie Pusher
A vital piece of equipment for moving heavy loads within the railway and associated industries. A bogie pusher is an electric pusher designed to do the job of moving railed parts for carriages and bogies.

Cage Pusher
Used within the retail, food and logistics environment, these TET pushers can move multiple nested roll cages with safety and efficiency. Find out more about Tractive Power’s Cage Pusher.

Tractive Unit
Tractive Units help to make production safer and more efficient. We supply tractive units for use across many industry sectors.