All our design and manufacture is completed in house. This means that we can be cost effective and efficient at providing you with your custom solution. Whether you require a specialist machine design or a trolley, trailer or stillage made, we can provide it.

Our design team will work with you to ensure you get the product you need to enhance your operations.



Unlike forklift trucks and similar handling equipment it is not mandatory to have a license to operate any of our tractive units. However, we would always recommend to take our full operator training on delivery. This ensures all your employees designated to be users are competent operators with good knowledge of the product. We also offer refresher training.


Consultation and advice

If you are not sure how to resolve or improve your materials handling dilemma, then give Tractive Power a call. One of our expert advisors will visit your site and discuss your application.

We will find the most efficient, cost effective way to sort the problem.



We offer comprehensive service packages that are designed to suit all your company needs.

From a standard call and repair service, we can implement scheduled visits for preventative maintenance and service interval points to ensure you gain the maximum up time from your machine with uninterrupted operation.