Tractive Units Improve Agricultural Production

An agricultural trailer manufacturer has improved its production process by the addition of the TP250 Tractive unit

During the manufacturing process, the agricultural trailers have to move from weld, to shot blast and then to powder coat before making their way to the final fitting and finishing process.

Improving Safety with Electric Tugs

The TP250 Tractive Pusher has been implemented to remove the use of forklift trucks in the manufacturing facility. The new unit means one person has much better manoeuvrability whilst improving safety in the work area and speeding up the process of moving trailers from one line to the next.

The Tractive Power electric tug is now an integral part of the manufacturing process.

Order Battery-Powered Tugs from Tractive Power

Tractive Power is specialists in the material handling industry with our electric tugs a regular fixture in the agricultural industry.

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