Tractive Power’s range of electric tuggers is used in many parts of the aerospace industry.

Tasks include moving trolleys into autoclaves for dorsal fin manufacturing, thrusters for reconditioning and other trolley parts for manufacture.


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Shoot for the Stars with Tractive Power

Our machines are available with a range of connections to attach to your load as required. Here are some examples of how our products are used in the aerospace sector –

The Tractive Tug TT50 is designed for lighter loads with a robust design ideal for restricted and confined spaces.
We have also designed a skate system to mount frames on which can take place outside of the production area plus our tractive unit tows engines safely through work areas.

In 2013 Tractive Power teamed up with UTC on a project to move aerospace engines from the factory entrance to the required location within the factory. This was a brand new handling system which was developed to safely move aero engines with separate skates designed to move trolleys.

Manufacturing with Safety in Mind

When the trolley is based on the skates it is towed by a Tractive Unit to the work area with special engine stands for the frames also designed to sit on the frames during maintenance so the skates could still be used around the factory.

Tractive Power developed a process to get the frames off and on the stands without the use of a forklift truck by using hydraulic jacks.
This system now means Aero Engines can be moved safely by one person and a Tractive unit and at the same time remove large and cumbersome forklift trucks from pedestrian areas.

Worldwide Distributor of Aerospace Electric Tugs

Tractive Power has the capability to provide electric tuggers for customers in the aerospace industry all over the world. We currently have sales distributors in Australia, Ireland, Singapore, Switzerland, Turkey plus a new distributor in Brazil.

If you’d like to know more about our electric tugs and how they can be used in the aerospace industry, please get in touch today to speak to one of our specialists.