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  • The ride on tow tractor range are commonly used in logistics. Towing trolleys, trailers and dollies to line side for replenishment of parts is a very common application.


    • jungheinrich-remolcadoras-remolcadora-ezs-570-con-remolques-404944-FGR
      Motor Power


      Battery Capacity

      48v 375Ah

      Max Speed

      18 km/h

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      Delivering parts to line side

      The TRO590 is a heavy duty tow tractor designed to tow long lines of trolleys and increase productivity within both warehouse and…

    • Sit on Powered Tug
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      Towing baggage trolleys

      The TRO570 is a great all round towing tractor designed to have a dramatic increase on productivity within both warehouse and…

    • 7129_tahace-jungheinrich-ezs-c40-se-superelastickymi-pneumatikami-schopne-prejezdu-mezi-halami-v
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      Towing kitting trolleys

      The TRO350 is a great all round towing tractor. Its versatility makes it ideal for the towing of heavier trailers. It also represents…