Tractive Power’s range of ride on tow tractors is used in various logistics operations to help speed up tasks, improving efficiency and health and safety.


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Airport Efficiency with Tractive Power

Our TRO570 ride on tractors is regularly used in airports to carry luggage from planes to the airport plus factories and warehouses because of their ability to carry loads of up to 7000kg!

Increase Productivity with Ride-on Tractors

The TRO590 is a great all-round towing tractor designed to have a dramatic increase in productivity within both warehouse and factory environments. The tractors in this range are capable of towing loads of up to 9000kg. Their uses include towing of lighter goods, powered load movement in tight spaces, personal transportation, use within sloped surfaces and variable floors.

Some of their benefits include:

• Towing lighter goods
• Powered load movement in tight spaces
• Personal transportation

They are also easy to use on sloped surfaces and variable floors.
Our range TRO350 is capable of towing loads of up 3000kg and are certainly beneficial for transporting smaller yet high volume loads across busy factories and warehouses.

Alternatively, the mini Tractive Tug TT50 are versatile, robust and compact with the ability to adapt to most wheeled handling applications and tow loads of up 1000kg.

Distributing Tow Tractors Worldwide

Tractive Power’s extensive sales network reaches all over the world working with a number of industries including logistics. We currently have distributors in Australia, Ireland, Singapore, Switzerland, Turkey plus a brand new representative in Brazil.

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