TP500 Tractive TET pusher

Tractive Pusher TP500 TET Pusher

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Our TP500 Tractive TET pusher is pedestrian operated and battery powered, designed to push up to 250 nested roll cages at once. The electric tug is designed to take the heavy manual handling out of the process of moving the nested roll cages and also improve productivity. The operation can be two users, one driving and one steering the opposite end or a single user operation that utilises a remote control. Typical applications are moving nested dairy roll cages, retail roll cages or shopping trolleys. They ensure that operators can enjoy safe and efficient handling at all times. Simple to use, robust and ergonomically designed, we believe these electric tug units are the best on the Market!

Tractive Pusher TP500 TET Pusher

Electric powered pusher in the dairy industryElectric tug moving dairy roll cagesDairy roll cage mover
Draw Bar Pull


Towing Capacity on Rails


Towing Capaity on Castors


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Tractive Pusher TP500 TET Pusher