Rail Industry Bogie Pusher from Tractive Power

Bogie Pusher machines are an essential item of equipment when working in railway manufacturing and railway maintenance yards. Moving heavy items associated with the manufacture of railway carriages requires a specialist tractive unit. The bogie pusher enables an individual operative to move a railed load or bogie into position during production. The can also be used to push a railed load between work stations.

When servicing, refurbishing and maintaining rail related vehicles a bogie pusher is an essential piece of equipment which will reduce injury risk and help your rail yard comply with health and safety regulations.

Bogie Pushers from Tractive Power

Tractive Power have two types of specialist tractive pusher suitable for use within the railway industry.

Bogie Pusher for Swiss rail

Swiss rails Tractive unit

The TP500HD Tractive Pusher is powerful, heavy duty unit designed to move loads such as wheel units and carriages. Its ergonomic set up and battery powered motor enable the operator to safely and efficiently move parts that would otherwise be impossible by hand.

Cable Drum Trolley – Modern railway systems rely on cables. Industrial quantities of cable are wrapped around large drums. These are very heavy and bulky items which will exceed safe lifting weight regulations. To transport and manoeuvre these loads, the cable drum trolley works alongside the bogie pusher or other power pusher.

Choose Tractive Power for Your Bogie Pusher

Tractive Power supply Pedestrian Pushers to the railway industry. If our standard model does not meet your requirements, please contact us. We can design and modify the bogie pusher to suit your needs and specifications. We can alter motors, power units and even supply compact versions if you require equipment suitable for working in areas with restricted access. Tractive Power are experts in this field and will have a solution for you.