Load Mover

A load mover is also known as a Burden Carrier. our load movers can carry extremely large or heavy loads with ease. Plus, they can be operated by just one person.

In the past, moving heavy burdens needed a combination of manpower and mechanical equipment. But, no more! Load movers provide a safe and efficient means of keeping your production line on time.


Efficient working with a load mover

Articles like heavy die cast tools and machinery, that need to be moved between constriction stations or advanced along the logistics chain, need a powerful machine. transporting weights like this have to meet strict health and safety requirements. This ensures that employees are kept safe, whilst maintaining consistent production levels.

A load mover or burden carrier is an industrial-strength flatbed trolley designed for manufacturing and industry. Utilising 48v and 6000w from a battery-powered unit. Enormous weight capacities of 30000kg can be moved around the shop floor area.

Limited to 6kph enables safe transport speeds while keeping your logistics on track.

The benefit of this type of machine is that it can access and manoeuvre in and around spaces that may be inaccessible to cranes and forklift trucks. An individual is able to operate the TB30 Load Mover with the touch of a button.

Load Mover


Choose Tractive Power for Your Load Mover

Tractive Power has been providing solutions for the movement of heavy, bulky, or multiple loads to a wide variety of industries. If you are part of a business that manufactures and moves large-scale loads, then we can help you! We have supplied equipment to the aerospace, automotive, railways, and logistics industries to make load moving possible.


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