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Rail Pushers

Our heavy-duty rail pushers are used for pushing or pulling railed bogies, carriages, power units and HVAC systems with different attachments available for a host of applications. Tractive Power also works regularly with our customers on custom designs pushers if something non-standard is required.

Pedestrian Operated Rail Movers

We offer the TP500HD Rail Mover which can move up to 50,000 kg (50 tonnes). This pedestrian operated and battery-powered model is designed to push and pull train wheelsets and bogeys.

Cable Drum Handling Solution

Tractive Power’s cable drum handling system is ideal for handling reels of cable with a one-man pedestrian operation with the capability of moving hauls up to 5000kg (5.5 tonnes).

Using Rail Pushers in Manufacturing

Rail pushers are used frequently in manufacturing processes as a method of lowering the rolling resistance of extremely heavy loads.
Steel rails regularly form the basis of a production line itself with loads moved along the rails from one build cell to the next, in and out of autoclaves and drying kilns and in and out of maintenance workshops.
The wheels are fitted for rail pushers preventing the bundle from coming off the rails and prevents the pusher from deviating to the left or right. It’s possible to apply for a pushing and pulling force both in the centre of the load plus you can offset to one side of the load.

This can be particularly useful when there is an inspection pit in place between the rails such as in a railway maintenance facility.

It’s still possible to safely move the load it can be ‘temporarily’ extended either to the left or right by using an extension bar which enables your pusher to apply a pushing force and move to the left or right.
Using one of our rail pushers also eliminates the need for cranes which in turn lowers the chances of accidents on your site; which will certainly please your Health and Safety Officer!

Power High-Speed Rail Networks Worldwide

The number of High-speed rail networks is growing all over the world; with the UK currently developing the HS2 network. Phase 1 of the HS2 project will include the development of 60 trains that can carry 1000 passengers and travel up to 220mph.

Using rail pushers is a great way to streamline your manufacturing procedures with just one person required to move heavy loads; freeing the rest of your workforce up for other tasks.

Tractive Power is a worldwide provider of battery-powered pushers with sales distributors in Australia, Brazil, Ireland, Singapore, Switzerland, Turkey and of course in the UK.
If you have any questions about our rail pushers; please contact us today.