Adapting Your Tractive Units with the Right Coupling

In the industrial sector, moving heavy loads safely and efficiently is crucial. Tractive Units are built to meet these demands with strong power and advanced manoeuvrability. Key to their effectiveness are the coupling interfaces that connect the tug to the load. By adapting your Tractive Units, you’ll get the most out of their capabilities.

The Importance of Couplings

Couplings are essential for securely attaching the Tractive pushers to the load. They enable the tug to push or pull the load effectively. Tractive Power offers a range of standard couplings for specific applications. For unique needs, they can design custom couplings.

Types of Couplings

Roll-Cage Coupling

Designed for pushing nested roll cages.

The TP500 model can move up to 250 roll cages at once.

Ideal for warehouses and distribution centres.

Adjustable-Height Pushpad

Suitable for pushing loads in a straight line.

Commonly used for moving train bogies and railed trolleys.

Adjustable for handling various heights.

Fifth Wheel Channel Coupling

For moving wheeled or semi-wheeled loads.

Can lift one end of the trolley to steer on its rear wheels.

Suitable for A-frames, food processing machinery, and stillages.

Fifth Wheel Quick Latch

Standard male-female configuration.

Allows quick and secure connection to wheeled loads.

Streamlines connection points for all wheeled loads.

Paper Roll Coupling

Designed for moving paper rolls or cable drums.

Engages the drum or roll on its circumference for a secure grip.

It is useful in industries like printing and manufacturing.


Manoeuvrability and Safety

Tractive Power’s units are highly manoeuvrable, able to pivot 360 degrees due to the differential gearbox. This makes them ideal for tight industrial spaces. They can steer 90 degrees left or right with the fifth wheel arm, allowing precise movements.

Using the right couplings enhances safety by securing loads to the tug, reducing manual handling, and minimizing the risk of accidents. Secure attachments ensure loads stay stable during transport.

Custom Solutions

Tractive Power offers custom couplings for unique applications. Their engineering team can design and manufacture solutions tailored to specific needs, ensuring effective load handling no matter the requirements.

Adapting Your Tractive Units

Tractive Power’s couplings enhance the versatility and efficiency of their tractive units. With the right coupling, these tugs can handle a variety of loads safely and efficiently, reducing manual effort and improving safety. Investing in Tractive Power’s tugs and couplings means a more efficient, safe, and productive future for your business. Whether moving roll cages, train bogies, or paper rolls, Tractive Power has the right coupling for your needs. For custom requirements, their team is ready to design the perfect solution. If you want to learn more about our Tractive Units, request a spec sheet or contact our team.