Alternatives to Forklifts

The demand for alternatives to traditional forklifts is on the rise. Tractive Power steps into the spotlight with a diverse range of alternatives. Most notable, are our electric tugs, which can be operated by a single person, and reduce the need for manual handling. Each is meticulously designed to cater to specific industry needs. Revolutionising material handling across various sectors.

TP250 – Navigating Tight Spaces:

The TP250 emerges as a versatile solution. Well-suited for businesses dealing with limited floor space. The compact design and high manoeuvrability. This is essential for a variety of industries such as retail. This tug can manoeuvre through crowded storage spaces or narrow aisles. The TP250’s agility ensures seamless movement in tight spaces. Optimising material handling in confined areas.

TP500 – Heavy-Duty Performance:

The TP500 is ideal for moving heavier loads. It easily tackles weights exceeding 5000kg. This heavy-duty alternative finds its niche in industries like manufacturing and logistics. The TP500 replaces traditional forklifts. Offering superior control and manoeuvrability. Streamlining operations in environments with larger and bulkier loads.

TP3000 – Power and Precision:

Ideal for industries requiring an even greater capacity for heavy loads. The TP3000 steps up to the challenge. With a capacity exceeding 12000kg, it is well-suited for sectors dealing with massive machinery. Warehousing, construction, and automotive industries benefit from the TP3000’s robust performance. Ensuring the efficient movement of substantial loads with precision and ease.

TP Range in Aviation Logistics:

In the aviation industry precision and safety are paramount. Tractive Power’s electric tugs are indispensable, minimising the risk of accidents. From moving aerospace engines to transporting parts in and out of autoclaves.┬áThe adaptability of these tugs in aviation logistics makes the choice between them and forklifts an obvious one.

Tractive Power’s electric tugs signify a strategic move toward enhanced safety, efficiency, and adaptability. Tailoring each range to specific industry needs. Tractive Power has streamlined material handling solutions. If you want to discuss how you can replace forklifts in your workplace reach out to us via our contact form or call us at +44 (0)1538 360372.