Battery-Powered Pushers and the Use of Pods in the High-Rise Construction Sector

For years, numerous industries have benefited from using electric towing tugs and pushing to move heavy loads. But the construction industry has recently seen growth to make up for lost time during the coronavirus pandemic.

High-rise construction businesses have come up with new and innovative ways of shortening construction project compilation times. All without compromising on build quality. Prefabricated pods are an innovative design solution that offers shorter build times, and scalability.


Prefabricated pods


Factory-built, and precisely engineered, ‘pods’ are becoming an increasingly popular choice for high-rise constructions. These innovative solutions are built off-site and then installed quickly and efficiently. Once the main construction work is completed, buildings can be made fit for a purpose significantly quicker than traditional methods.


Pods for high-rise buildings


As with any other construction project, high-rise building projects are meticulously planned by architects. Ensuring that every inch of space is measured, defined, and utilised. Whether the high-rise building is intended to become an office, or university accommodation, residential apartments, pods can offer a range of benefits. Digitally planned, the pods can be tailored to include a range of features for a particular space. For example, en-suite bathrooms or in-built charging stations.

By standardising the design of pods, the layout of homes or offices can be built at speed. Simplifying the process of constructing large high-rise buildings, as well as helping to reduce the costs of the project. When using reputable designs and companies, pods offer improved safety as they are created in controlled environments.


Uses for pre-built pods


Prefabricated pods have a place in a range of sectors and construction situations:

  • High-rise residential buildings
  • Schools, universities, and colleges
  • Private housing
  • Hospitals, and healthcare facilities
  • Housing associations


Battery-powered tugs and pushers for installation


While these prefabricated pods offer numerous benefits for high-rise buildings, there is one significant obstacle with installation. Moving these large engineered structures into the high-rise building itself. Cranes will most likely move these pods from the ground to each floor of the building, but getting these on and off the crane is where there is often an issue. Battery-powered tugs and pushers are able to safely and efficiently move these structures.



Ideal for heavy-duty applications, the TP3000 can move loads of up to 30,000kg on castors. This electric pusher has an optional steered tiller handle. Allowing for more power steering, more manoeuvrability, and ease of use for the single operator.



Pedestrian-operated, and battery-powered. The TP500 is ideal for pushing, pulling, and manoeuvring wheeled loads. Allowing the easy movement of loads up to 12,000kg on castors.


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