Battery Powered Tugs need a Drum Roll

Tractive Power is seeing multiple application requirements for their TP500HD Tractive Pusher cable drum moving system.

Cable drums are traditionally moved via overhead cranes in manufacturing plants, but overhead cranes have their limitations.

Tractive Pushers are Your Cable Drum Moving System

It’s not always possible to get the drum to the location required and it can also be very time consuming to hook up the lifting gear for the purpose of simply indexing drums down a line to the next process. An easier and quicker way is to roll the drum on its own circumference, but this requires a lot of starting force.

This is where the TP500HD has come into its own. The Tractive Pushers simple roller coupling is easily adjusted to adapt to different diameter drums and pushes on the outer of the real to start the drum rolling.

The raw power of the unit means one man can shunt a cable drum in seconds to the next stage of the process. This makes the process a 20-second job rather than a 10-minute job.

Time-Saving With Battery Powered Tugs from Tractive Power

Cable drums up to 25000kg can easily be moved by Tractive Power’s battery-powered tugs and be implemented with no significant infrastructure changes, meaning it is not only saving time on the process but has zero setup cost for the implementation into your facility.

Our range of electric tugs ensures operators can enjoy safe and efficient handling at all times; making them one of the leading tug units on the market.

The additional weight of the machine is specifically designed so traction is maintained at all times making sure moving the wheelsets is controlled.

Talk to Tractive Power about Battery Powered Tugs

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