Battery-powered tugs for the manufacturing and construction sectors 

The UK manufacturing industry and construction sites are well known for being a high-risk environment to work in. Safety within these workplaces is the top priority and should be at the forefront of employers’ considerations.

It is common that within these industries, heavy loads and machinery will need to be moved regularly. This can put employees at risk of injury if not handled properly. This is where battery-powered tugs come in. They become an essential tool that ensures the health and safety of employees.


What are battery-powered tugs?


Battery-powered tugs are small electric vehicles, designed to move heavy loads. They are useful in a number of settings and industries. Over the past couple of years, at Tractive Power, we have seen an increase in the demand for electric tugs. They are becoming an integral part of many businesses operations and their logistics.

Proving a cost-effective and efficient way to move heavy loads, our tugs have been designed to be operated by one person. They also have precise controls that allow for smooth and accurate movements. Ensuring the loads are not damaged and can be moved in tight spaces.


Importance of battery-powered tugs in the manufacturing industry


The manufacturing industry is known for producing a number of goods that are used in our daily lives. However, there are numerous risks that employees are exposed to within warehouses and factory floors. These can be associated with moving heavy loads, which can expose individuals to workplace injuries. Battery-powered tugs are essential in this industry for several reasons:

Reduce the risk of injuries.

The use of battery-powered tugs significantly reduces the risk of injury for employees in manufacturing. Tugs are designed to move heavy loads smoothly and safely, which reduces the need for manual handling. Meaning that employees are less likely to experience strains, sprains, pulls and any other injuries that have been caused by manual handling.

Improved productivity.

Time in the manufacturing industry is money, and the use of tugs can significantly reduce the time it takes to complete tasks. This could include moving heavy loads from one location to another. With electric tugs, a single person can move trolleys over long distances. Without the need to lift or move the item themselves.


Battery-powered tugs are versatile and can be used in many different settings. Both indoors and outdoors, and on a number of surfaces including tile, concrete and carpet. Plus, with their small size, they can manoeuvre items around tight corners and through small gaps. This makes them an ideal solution for moving heavy loads in manufacturing facilities.


The importance of electric tugs in the construction industry


The construction industry is known for being one of the most dangerous industries in the UK. With heavy loads constantly needing to be moved on sites. This action can put employees at risk, and expose them to injury if not handled correctly. But battery-powered tugs can help to alleviate these risks and mitigate them. Tugs can provide useful on construction sites as they:

Improve safety.

Electric tugs and trolleys provide a safer way of moving large and heavy loads on construction sites. Construction workers can move these loads without exposing themselves to the risk of injury due to the manual handling of these heavy items. This helps to improve safety on construction sites and make the workplace safer for everyone.

Improve efficiency.

In the construction industry, there are tight deadlines which must be kept to. With time of the essence, improving efficiency where possible is a priority for many employers. Battery-powered ugs can help to improve efficiency by reducing the time it takes to move heavy loads from one place to another. A single operator can easily move trolleys over long distances without contacting the loads.

Reduce damage

On construction sites, heavy loads can cause damage to the construction site and equipment. Battery-powered tugs provide a smooth and stable way to move heavy loads. This stability reduces the risk of damage to the object being moved, and any equipment found on a construction site.


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Battery-powered tugs are an essential tool in the manufacturing and construction industries. They provide a safer and more efficient way to move heavy loads, reducing the risk of injury to employees and damage to equipment. By using battery-powered tugs, companies can improve their productivity and improve site safety, making them a valuable investment for any manufacturing or construction business.

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