Electric Pushers Benefit Growth of Industrial Racking System

Electric pushers from Tractive Power will benefit the warehouse industry with the projected growth of the global industrial racking system market until 2029.

Our Tractive Tugs can move loads up to 20,000kg plus they are compact and easy to manoeuvre in the tightest of spaces.

The Growth of Urban Logistic Facilities

Urban logistic facilities are growing in importance as they facilitate convenience and quicker delivery times, with these factors set to play an important role in industrial racking systems’ battle for an online market share.
According to a recent study from Persistence Market Research states that the global industrial racking system is set to ride high on the surging sales of e-commerce products and warehouse expansions.

Storage, retrieval and product handling under industrial racking systems are integral for cost and efficiency.
Many companies will be required to invest in modernising their storage and warehouse facilities in the next few years through industrial racking systems.
The cost of industrial racking systems can be reduced through more automation at facilities to help save space and increase the availability of stored goods.

Worldwide Distribution Electric Tugs

Tractive Power offers electric tugs across four continents through our extensive network of sales distributors.
We work with trusted partners in countries such as Australia, Brazil, Ireland, Singapore, Switzerland and Turkey.

For our customers in the United Kingdom, we offer periodic services for all equipment plus we can put together a scheduled maintenance program to ensure maximum uptime.
All of our units are designed and manufactured in-house, which means we can be cost-effective and create the most efficient products for our customers. Unlike forklift trucks and other material handling systems, we also offer bespoke training to customers.

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