Come Fly with Electric Tow Tugs

Electric tow tugs from Tractive Power are frequently used in airports, handling various items and helping airlines keep on the schedule ahead of the upcoming busy winter schedule.

Tasks include moving baggage trolleys, passenger steps, waste bins and luggage carts making it safe and efficient to transport large volumes of luggage from aircraft to the terminal.
Tow tugs can also be used for handling light aircraft and helicopters, using a specialist tow bar, making them ideal for transferring helicopters from the airfield to a hangar or other storage area.

Moving Aerospace Engines with Tractive Power

In 2013, Tractive Power was commissioned to work on a project for UTC Aerospace Systems, to provide a solution to move aero engines from the factory entrance to a required location in the factory.

The driving force for this project was to remove the need for a huge forklift operating in pedestrians areas plus ensuring the safety of employees in the facility.
Our team of specialists designed a skate system to mount the frames onto, which meant the mounting of the engines takes place outside the production area and the Tractive unit tows the engine safely and securely through work areas.

Your Choice of Electric Tow Tugs

Here at Tractive Power, we offer four different types of battery-powered tugs to handle all requirements in aerospace environments.

Tractive Tug TT50 – The mini Tractive Tug can move up to 1000kg.
Tractive Pusher TP1000 – This pedestrian-operated and battery-powered tug will move up to 15,000kg.
Tractive Pusher TP2000 – The TP2000 model has the capability to move aero engines, or other heavy-duty applications such as moving plant and train equipment.
Tractive Pusher TP3000 – The TP3000 is designed to push and pull wheeled loads up to 30,000kg.

Want to Know More? Get in Touch

If you’d like to know more about Tractive Power’s range of electric tugs, please contact us today. Don’t forget we also have a distribution network that spans across four continents, providing manual handling solutions all over the world.