How Electric Tow Tugs Improve Manual Handling and Employee Safety

Innovation is key to maintaining a competitive edge. One area where innovation can make a significant impact is manual handling. The use of electric tow tugs offers a transformative solution. Not only aiding with manual handling but also enhancing employee safety.


Understanding electric tow tugs


Electric tow tugs are compact and battery-operated. Designed to move heavy loads with ease. They are versatile, efficient, and offer a safer alternative to manual handling. Tractive power offers a range of tow tug options:


TP500 – Power and Precision



The TP500 is compact and robust, capable of moving up to 50,000kg. The TP500 boasts advanced features like intelligent weight transfer. This means that even when dealing with massive loads, the distribution of weight is even. distributed. This reduces the strain on operators. Smooth acceleration control means starting and stopping without jolts or sudden movements. Minimising the risk of accidents and injuries during transport.


TP3000 – Industrial Strength



In heavy industrial applications, the TP3000 shines. This electric tug offers the option of power steering. Its steered tiller handle is a feature that enhances manoeuvrability and operator comfort. Combining industrial strength with safety. Despite its exceptional strength, the TP3000 remains compact. It can manoeuvre through tight spaces while maintaining a focus on employee safety.


TP500HD – Rail Ready



The TP500HD is tailored for pedestrian operation in rail applications. Powered by a battery for efficiency. Its primary role is to push and pull train wheelsets and bogeys. It can move a staggering 50,000kg. It is not only powerful but also safety-conscious.


TP250 – Precision and Durability



Suitable for industries like aerospace, automotive, and logistics. Precision and durability are essential for both safety and efficiency. The TP250 electric tug excels in these areas. The ergonomic design of the TP250 promotes operator comfort. Minimising the risk of strain or injury.


Why Choose Tractive Powers Tow Tugs?


Extensive Range: Tractive Power provides a wide range of electric tugs and trolleys. Meeting the diverse needs of various industries.


Innovative Technology: These tugs are equipped with innovative features. Optimising efficiency and productivity.


Durability and Reliability: Built to withstand the rigours of industrial use. Tractive Power’s tugs are renowned for their longevity and reliability.


Training Options: We provide training to ensure safe and effective operation.


Pushing and pulling heavy loads can impact efficiency and safety. Tractive Power’s electric, battery-powered tugs offer a versatile solution. Durability and customisation options make them the ideal choice for workplace environments.


By investing in Tractive Power’s electric tugs, businesses can enhance workplace efficiency. Reducing the risk of injuries, and streamlining their material handling processes. Creating safer and more productive environments for their employees. Tractive Power’s electric tow tugs are leading to a more efficient future.


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