Electric Tug Uses You Hadn’t Thought Of

The Electric tug from Tractive Power is an essential part of many industries, allowing just a single worker to move heavy loads.
We are the leading provider of electric tugs for high-profile clients such as Arla Foods, but here we are going to look at industries you may not have considered that use load movers.

Our range of tugs connects to a wheeled platform (if the load doesn’t have wheels) much in the same way as a forklift truck relies on tractive effort.
Once the machine is secured to the bogie it will lift a portion of the load making sure the load’s wheels remain on the ground. The machine’s hydraulic mast is designed to create downforce on the drive wheel beneath it. The traction generated from this process allows the electric tug to move extremely heavy objects.

Applications of the Electric Tug

As we’ve mentioned electric tuggers are used by plenty of industries, but here are some you may not know about –

Horticulture and Agriculture – Tugs are used to move heavy materials like topsoil or to harvest crops in polytunnels.
Waste Handling – Waste bins and wheelie bins can be heavy to move across sites but with load movers, this becomes an easy task for one member of your team. Our electric, battery-powered wheelie bin mover enables safe manual handling.
Glazing – One of the heaviest materials in a manufacturing and construction environment is glass but using tugs you can move glass safely and also hold it in place during production.
Boat Building – Using electric tuggers you can move luxury yachts on cradles during construction.

Electric Tugs Available at Tractive Power

Tractive Power is an innovative material handling company that specialises in electric tugs that can be designed to pull up 50 tonnes!
Our range of load movers is a health and safety solution that will reduce issues within your workplace and create a more fluid working practice.
If you’d like to know more about working with Tractive Power, please contact us today.