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Electric tuggers are an efficient way to increase productivity in a factory or warehouse environment. Taking some of the lifting burdens away from your staff, and speeding up the movement of equipment, products and materials. Tractive Power is specialists for electric tuggers; offering a wide variety with different sizes that can fit any specification.

The Benefits of Using Electric Tuggers

• Electric tuggers can be moved between non-motorised carts
• Move multiple carts
• Increase efficiency in the workplace
• Protect your staff from musculoskeletal injuries caused by unmitigated push/pull forces
• You can also save money as you may require less staff to perform manual lifting tasks because of the use of electric tugs
• Easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces
• Electric tugs from Tractive Power can also lift loads between 5000kg to 12000kg, which would be impossible to lift manually

A great example of battery-powered tugs available from Tractive Power is the TRO570 Tow Tractor, which can lift up to 7000kg.
Uses include the towing of lighter goods, power load movement in tight spaces, the ability to use within sloped surfaces and variable floors as well as personal transportation.

Ideal Electric Tugs for the Food Industry and More

Some models of electric tuggers we provide at Tractive Power are industry-specific, such as the Tractive Pusher TP250 Compact Stainless Steel version, designed for the food and pharmaceutical industries. The stainless steel exterior allows you to completely clean and adheres to strict hygiene standards required in both industries.

Alternatively, the TP250 Compact model is used in the railway industry and the TP250 Vehicle Mover is regularly used by our customers in the automotive industry.

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