Eliminating The Use of Forklifts With Electric Power Tugs

Material handling and logistics businesses are constantly seeking more efficient and safer ways to transport heavy loads. Tractive Power understands the challenges that many industries face when it comes to moving substantial weights within their facilities. With years of experience in the industry, we have honed our expertise in manual handling. We have often found that our electric tugs surpass forklifts. Offering a versatile, safer, and more cost-effective alternative. 


Health and Safety Our Top Priority


One of the more obvious reasons to switch to electric tugs is the significant improvement in the overall health and safety of your employees. In projects requiring manual handling in pedestrian areas, forklifts would usually be the go-to choice. However, these bulky machines can pose significant risks to both operators and those working nearby. The HSE website states “Every year there are over 5000 incidents involving transport in the workplace. About 50 of these result in people being killed.” With safety at the core of employers’ decisions, considering changing from a forklift to a pedestrian operated tug could be a step towards a safer workplace. 


No Operator License Required


Unlike forklifts, which require operators to obtain licenses, electric tugs offer a more accessible alternative. When your business invests in a Tractive Power tug, we recommend that all employees undergo our comprehensive operator training to ensure that your workforce becomes competent operators with a solid understanding of how to use the equipment effectively. It not only saves time but also eliminates the need to invest in forklift operators’ license training, which can be costly. 


Bespoke Options to Suit Any Business


Electric tugs are the perfect choice for businesses with limited space. Unlike forklifts which demand significant operating space, electric tugs are compact and highly manoeuvrable. This quality makes them an ideal solution for businesses that need to move heavy loads in a tight or confined space. Our in-house design team is ready to modify our existing models to create completely bespoke solutions tailored to your specific requirements. With Tractive Power, you’ll have a custom material handling solution that precisely fits your needs.


The need for efficient, versatile and safe material handling solutions has never been greater. Tractive Power’s electric tugs offer a compelling alternative to forklifts, providing a host of benefits, from enhanced safety and reduced training costs to increased flexibility and space utilisation. Make the switch to electric power tugs from Tractive Power and experience a smarter and safer way to move heavy loads in your business.


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Electric tugs can create a safer working environment for your employees. Not only by reducing the risk of injury but also by streamlining operations and enhancing workplace safety.


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